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Fruits and Vegetables Washing – Spray Nozzles


Fruit and vegetable washing spray nozzles

Fruit and vegetable washing is a process that makes it possible to market a clean and apparent product. This process is essential to comply with safety and hygiene protocols.

The process of washing fruit and vegetables eliminates:

  • dust
  • insects
  • dirt
  • spores
  • other pollutants

Usually fruit and vegetables are washed with water and detergent. The usual is direct spraying of both with spray nozzles.

The detergents used are usually alkaline or neutral. Sometimes special detergents can be used for more specific washing.

To finish the washing of fruits and vegetables in a suitable way it is necessary to rinse adequately to eliminate the remains of the detergent.

In this last step, the water can incorporate disinfectants for a greater protection of the final consumer (hydrogen peroxide diluted in water, ozonized water,…)

Our nozzles for this type of washing:

Spray nozzles with curtain effect or water foil (AC, DC and CW series):

Flat Fan Spray Nozzles

Full cone spray nozzles (BA, BB and BC series)

Full Cone Spray Nozzles - Spraying Systems.

For easy installation, try our accessories:

Special Applications and Spraying Systems Nozzles.