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Spray nozzles for disinfection arches.


Spray nozzles for disinfection arches for equipment and people.

The disinfection arches are designed to create an entry and exit barrier for viruses that can affect both people and animals.

The disinfection arches are an effective weapon to fight the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

When passing under a disinfection arch we cover ourselves with a disinfectant that fights against the virus.

Disinfectant arches stand out for their high disinfection capacity compared to individually used media.

The use of an arch disinfectant can be suitable in: hospitals, companies, shopping centres, buildings, hotels, supermarkets, airports, train/bus stations, vehicles, ambulances and, in general, all those places where there may be a large number of people.

There is a list of virucidal products authorized in Spain approved by the Ministry of Health.

As a practical matter, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) recommends them to be used as disinfectants against coronavirus:

Bleach diluted with water (one glass of bleach for every 10 litres of water).Alcohol at 70% (better than bleach for metals because it is less corrosive).Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), better known as hydrogen peroxide (3%).
Ozone – at the moment, the Spanish Society for Environmental Health (SESA) advises against the use of ozone and chlorine dioxide for disinfecting air and surfaces against coronavirus. “Ozone is currently under review by the European Chemicals Agency”.
On an operational level, we can distinguish two types of disinfection arcs in which our water diffusers are being used (spray nozzles, sprinklers).

They require a low consumption of disinfectant liquid so that they perform an adequate disinfection without excessively wetting/lime.

The nozzles or sprinklers that are being used the most are those that generate a smaller drop.

With a very low water consumption. Diffusers, nozzles or washing tips that spread the liquid in very fine drops, so that they generate a correct covering of the focus without getting wet in excess.

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